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Svetlana Tumanova's art works in oils and acrylics: associative abstraction and quasi-figurative archetypical painting. With biography and a forum.
The personal website of the artists Amy Kollar Anderson.
Visionary/Fantastic/Surreal oil paintings exploring the unknown. Includes biography, gallery, and contact information for artist Antonio Roybal.
We can describe Sergei Aparin's paintings as: enigmatic, metaphysical, fantastic, surreal, magical, mystical or as a dream.
All the digital paintings, pictures and graphic design displayed on this site were created by Mariano Petit de Murat.
Dutch painter, specialized in oils. His themes are often surreal with a touch of symbolism.
Paintings in oil and tempera created using the mische technique of the Vienna school of fantastic realism.
Surrealistic paintings in oil on canvas and panel. Surreal pencil renderings on Bristol linen paper.
Darrel McPherson paints both the surreal and real world landscapes with blue depth and inner feeling. Darrel welcomes you to his portfolio on the Internet.
Los Angeles artist exhibits enigmatic, and realistic oil paintings.
Di Vogo's imagination is filled with poetic sensitivity. This artist painter with extremely sharp perception has no inclination for strong, shocking effects, which are features of surrealism. Di Vogo's fantastic world is placed in an atmosphere filled with lyric impressions.
Surreal art, make-up, crafts, tarot and more.
George Grie presents 3D art images, Surrealism pictures. Graphic design images, surreal art posters, wallpapers, multimedia, paintings, drawings, fantasy, landscapes.
Surrealism, dark art, bizarrism, magic themes works, original art made to order, painting portraits with/without surrealism, illustrations (CD's, books, magazines).
Presents features about women getting older in "Birthing The Crone: Menopause and aging through an artist's eyes." Includes biography, slide presentation, bibliography, and print ordering information.