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Mixed Media

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American artist who works in a variety of media. Her work investigates the human figure as a vehicle of conceptual expression.
Conceptual mixed-media artist - view online portfolio, artist's statement and resume
This artist uses the binary code to give shape with the minimum representative figures to concepts such as the Universe, the Human being or his own experiences. Abstract Hyper-Realism art.
Artist from the Pacific Northwest producing abstract mixed media and paintings.
Antonio Papasso Italian Contemporary Painter, works gallery of Papiers Froiss้s on canvas and paper, Limited Editions of Etchings, Essay of important Art Critics, Deepening, Links and more.
Buy paintings by famous artists: oil paintings and watercolors, abstract art and modern artworks.
Visual poetry and painting by Arturo Lini, a contemporary italian artist living in Florence.
Images of work by Dominican-born artist, with curriculum vitae.
The artwork of Andrew Stalder: photographs and paintings that combine photography and painting using silver-halide emulsion and oil paints. Images and statement.
Izabela Wojcik: artist: my art portfolio: commissions, designs, paintings, drawings, sculpture, in metal, oil, acrylic, wood,& much more: gallery and pieces for sale
Mixed media on paper, contemporary, deco, oriental, exotic and provoctive.
A collection of original works by mixed media, contemporary, artist, Sandra Bremenour.
Features anti-boredom, anti-fashion multimedia work by the London artist. Includes information about current and forthcoming exhibitions.
Incorporates natural materials into her symbolic landscape, still life, and floral paintings, to create rich textures.