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Fantasy & Sci-Fi

Look at art in a whole new dimension.With 3D slate art, get the feeling of actually being there!
A place for all who are looking for quality fantasy and sci-fi artwork, books, references, links and many other resources gathered in one location.
Dedicated to spaceships in art, science and literature. Features stories, clipart, sounds and audio in midi format, panoramas, movies, animations, and fantasy artwork.
Alane Fieldson's original illustrations of dragons, griffons, adventurers, and creatures fantastic and mythic.
Lllustration, animation, visual interpretation of the I Ching.
A webcomic created by Alex Tarampi, concerned with dreams, love, and destruction.
Watercolor art of Pacific Northwest artist Amy Brown, featuring fairies and dragons.
A menagerie of strange and original beasts by illustrator Andy Hopp.
Fantastic buildings and constructs in computer generated 3D illustrations and animations.
Fantasy Graphite Art - A portfolio of detailed illustrations of demonic and heroic fantasy figures, drawn in graphite. They also offer limited-edition photoprint reproductions for sale by mail order.
Fine Visionary Art Paintings in oil and tempera created using the Mische Technique of the Vienna School of Fantastic Realism. Mystical imagery depicts magical beings, mermaids, fairies, new age healing arts, and spiritual experiences.
Artists fine art paintings and prints, Brian Froud, Alan Lee, MC EScher, Roger Dean.
National Endowment for the Arts fellow changes the definition of "NEON" to more subtle "organic opalescent electric coral" like sculpture for public and private comissions.
This is the home of Carlton Bjork Artwork, Fine Art and Woodcuts.
Art, illustration, music and writing by Michael Clarke, a professional freelance artist devoted to fantasy, wonder, beauty, and imagination.